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Wallowa Mountain Outfitters is a family-owned and operated wilderness pack trip and horseback riding adventure business located in beautiful Northeastern Oregon. Steve and Heather Morris are involved with every aspect of the business, from menu planning to shoeing their 20+ horses and mules. Their kids, Johanna and Adam Osborn, are there every step of the way; by providing extra support for trips, running a second string, and keeping the business tech-savy and up-to-date. Wallowa Mountian Outfitters takes pride in everything they do and offer the finest western pack trips and hunting trips possible. Not only do they have some of the finest country the west has to offer, they have great trail horses, comfortable saddles, and by far the best food of any outfit; thanks to Heather! Wallowa Mountain Outfitters' can-do attitude will bring you back year after year.

The 361,000-acre Eagle Cap Wilderness area runs the entire length of the Wallowa Mountains in Northeast Oregon. Four main river tributaries, over fifty high mountain lakes - including the highest lake in Oregon - and over five hundred miles of trails are begging to be explored. Known as little Switzerland, the elevation ranges from the 3,500ft Minam River Canyon - with its ancient Ponderosa Pine forest - to the majestic 9,845ft Matterhorn Peak. This beautiful country is home to Elk, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Wolves and even Moose; and it's not uncommon to see these animals while riding or hiking through the wilderness.

Wallowa Mountain Outfitters is dedicated to giving our guests safe, high-quality, family-style western pack trips and horseback adventures. Our guests will be coming back for awe-inspiring scenery and memories year after year. So, when you want to get up-close and personal to the most beautiful country in the Northwest, come ride with us - Northeast Oregon's finest outfitters... we know how to get you there!

Eagle Cap Peak
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